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“Haha, I’m doing fine. Could be better, but…” Roy smiles. “It’s nice to see you again.”

“Roy…I’m so glad to hear that.” Aigis speaks as her entire face lights up in happiness for a few moments before it falls into one of sadness and nostalgia as she remembers, remembers that Roy should not be here especially…talking to her.

She lifts her hand then, placing it where her heart should be, a heart that she has every right to have, feeling the familiar ever-constant sorrow she feels whenever she remembers this man before her now. “Roy…Is this…a dream…?” 

Roy sighed. “I don’t know, Aigis. It FEELS real, but… I don’t know how I’M here like this… I should be in the realm of human thought…”

He stared at his own hands suddenly.

“This isn’t even my body… it’s still in the hospital, I know it…” he flexed his fingers. “I’m not human right now…” He sighed again. “But I don’t even care.”

Roy balled his hands into fists and looked up at Aigis, a small smile on his face..

“I’m here now… and I’m here with you. That’s what’s important to me.” Tears welled up in the corners of his eyes, one spilling down his cheek. “Aigis… I’ve missed you so much…”

"…Roy…I have missed Roy too…" She responded softly, voice spoken as if in an echo. She found herself staring at the ground as she tried to hold herself up with her hands clasped together against her chest tightly because right now, it was a burden to even remain standing. The floor she stood on was shaking. Ah, wait….

She was the one shaking; she realized as her shoulders trembled in the small sobs she barely managed to contain. This was supposed to be a happy meeting. Why is she crying? Why is she sad? To be able to meet her beloved again…isn’t that what she always wanted?

She shouldn’t be like this.

So, she looked up then, staring straight at Roy. Her face was streaming with tears at that moment as every single memory she had shared with the other came back to haunt her then, flashing before her eyes as she looked at him. The smiles he gave her, the jokes he told, the way he protected her and their friends, their last moments together…the way he wouldn’t wake up anymore no matter how many times Aigis called out for his name.

She remembered it all.

"…Yes..Every day, I feel this overwhelming sorrow growing in my chest. I can move on yet I find myself unable to forget. When I am alone, I find myself thinking of you, Roy, and the pain continues to grow." Aigis closed her eyes as more tears streamed out from her eyes, framing her eyelashes. "Indeed, I have missed you… And to hear…that you are not all here nowit happens to hurt even more.”

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